‘Giant killers’ GB beat China in Olympic medal table  

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Great Britain has surprisingly beaten China to 2nd in the Olympic medal table. The so-called giant killers ended their successful Olympic campaign on 27 golds, 23 silvers and 17 bronzes.

It has been an Olympic fiesta, as Great Britain hasn’t had that many medals in 108 years! GB is also the only host nation to go on to win more medals at an ensuing Olympics. How GB overcame the tight contest between China is beyond a lot of people, a country so huge was beaten by a country 1/16 its size!

Never before has a Briton won a diving gold or gymnastics’ gold. Interestingly, Great Britain won more medals in different sports than any other country with an amazing 15! Only 20 years ago, at Atlanta we were sitting in 36th in the medal table with only 1 gold between the whole team, look at the transformation!

For the likes of swimmer Adam Peaty (picture above), money is always going to be a problem when you are a promising high-level performer travelling around the country.

As a talented teenage swimmer, Peaty relied on fundraising events laid on by family and friends to pay for his travel and training costs. That changed in 2012, when he was awarded a grant of £15,000 and his admittance on an elite-coaching programme. In Rio he became the first British male to win a swimming gold in 28 years! That is all because he had the chances and funding as a kid!


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