Sam Allardyce must be sacked as England boss

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The ex-Sunderland boss could be sacked within hours in light of allegations from the Daily Telegraph...

After just one game in charge, Sam Allardyce’s England manager dream is caving in around him. While there is yet to be confirmation of his fate, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Big Sam has shot himself in the foot, on an unprecedented scale.

The selection of Allardyce divided opinions greatly. Many cited his lack of ‘big job’ experience as a prominent cause for concern, while others were excited by his abundance of passion and desire. I was in the latter camp. At long last, we had chosen a man who was hungry and genuinely wanted the job. After all, this is a man who, rather publically, had wanted the role for over a decade.

However, barely two months into his tenure and even Allardyce’s biggest supporters have migrated to the opposite camp. Given this week’s spectacular revelations, the FA have simply had their hands forced.

Aside from his sometimes-questionable tactics, the 61-year-old is largely liked in English football. He proves an old fashioned, bull dog like manager, mixing it with the foreign stars and their idealistic football. So for many, the news that he is preaching how to illegally transfer players is one of shock. The overriding feeling must prove embarrassment though.

The FA elected a man, as their figurehead, who was consciously dismantling their very own system. How can an organization be personified by a man that is instigating against the very rules it stands by?

While the details remain a little cloudy, the Daily Telegraph has amassed a damning piece of investigative journalism against the boss. Astonishingly, Allardyce was posing as a representative of a Far East firm, speaking to businessmen that were actually undercover. Simply put, he had given people investigating corruption in football a heap of gold in just a few hours.

Here, the FA’s lead man was informing that agents regularly bypass the rules they implement and he, if offered money, could help them do the same. All this, before he’d even taken a training session as England boss. In addition, he panned his predecessor, Roy Hodgson, for not having ‘the personality’ and simply dubbed him ‘Woy’.

Just to add further nails into Allardyce’s already sinking coffin, he called the decision to redevelop Wembley as ‘stupid’ and that England players are psychologically inept to compete at the top level. Yes you read that right.

It’s a long list and a truly damning one. He stated that it’s “not a problem” to dodge the “ridiculous” rules. Unfortunately for him now though, it shouldn’t be a problem for the FA to take action over his own ridiculousness.

The dramatic 1-0 win over Slovakia may just prove to be his last game at the helm. Even if this isn’t the case though, it will prove a prominent stain on the FA’s integrity and ability to control their own manager. Given the fact the Telegraph are ready to release further information, standing beside Allardyce appears both unlikely and a frankly kamikaze tactic.

The Sun have also emerged with an article stating that Big Sam has been informing his friends that he is anticipating the sack. A wise move. Moreover, eight managers have also been subject to sting operations involving the same agents. Allardyce though, proves the fall guy and the coach to run his mouth just too much.

Allegations are amassing and the FA are believed to be making a decision imminently after talks. Whatever happens though, it’s an embarrassing episode that has cast English football in a very concerning light. However, if the ex-Sunderland boss is sacked, at least he can bow out as the country’s most successful ever manager.

One game, one win, but an absolute heap of allegations and with video proof to match.

Kobe Tong

YJA Senior Correspondent

One Response to Sam Allardyce must be sacked as England boss

  1. Will September 28, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Awesome article Kobe, personally I think it was the right time for him to go