Youth Organisation offers Media Opportunities

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cameraYoung people are often accused of spending too much time alone in front of a TV or computer yet there are many organisations in the UK that offer the chance to experience exciting activities and make new friends.

YJA Co-editor, Bill Thompson is a volunteer in the Army Cadet Force so he has been able to witness this for himself.

“My involvement with the Cadets is down to my wife,” says Bill. “She was working out at the local gym and having some banter with some new members, one of whom was involved in the Army Cadet Force. When she mentioned I provided media training to youngsters it was the trigger that led to me becoming a Public Relations Officer for the Cadets!”

mTo his amazement, Bill soon discovered that in the UK there were over 40,000 Army Cadets spread across some 1.600 detachments. By coincidence, a Young Journalist in one of his schools was a cadet and this led to him setting up a media-ops team at annual camp. “I think Lincolnshire ACF was the first county to set up a media team which relied heavily on cadets capturing the action,” he says proudly.

Five years later, the county has a very well-established media team. This summer at annual camp in Cumbria, five cadets worked flat out with Bill. You can meet them in their latest magazine, which includes many of their photographs and stories. Their films can be viewed on the county website.

If you have reached your 12th birthday and are in Year 8 or above, the ACF believe signing up could be the best choice you’ve ever made. You can register your interest here.  Be prepared to to take part in adventurous activities like rock climbing, ghyll scrambling, archery and abseiling. There will also be plenty of chance to play all your favourite sports because the ACF has competitions for both boys and girls at county, regional and national level. But in Bill’s opinion, best of all it is the new friendships that are soon forged within the Cadets.


2 Responses to Youth Organisation offers Media Opportunities

  1. Joanne Rowe November 21, 2016 at 8:36 am

    My daughter joined cadets in year 9 after a year of persuading us to let her. It’s the best thing she has ever done, when she is with her cadet pals she always has a smile on her face. They are her second family. She has always been a Tom-boy and this organisation brings out the best in her as well as feeding her adrenaline cravings for outside adventures. She doesn’t miss her phone or xbox and next year wants to sign up for army foundation college. I’m hoping she’ll be able to succeed in her chosen career path and fulfil her dreams of becoming a soldier. As a mother who wasn’t too keen on acf, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any child, they teach discipline and respect and offer a wide range of activities to keep kids engaged, safe, off the streets and out of the house mixing with like minded kids. Go for it, it’s worth it…

  2. admin November 21, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    From the magazine:

    My best part of camp was being acknowledged for being a good cadet. This boosted my confidence, it kept me going when I was tired in the field, it helped me climb those steep fells. I looked after those who needed the help, being aware that others had confidence in me spurred me on.
    I knew I was performing to the best of my ability, enjoying everything and making the most out of my camp experience.

    Cadet Cpl Plummer / Kirton

    After only being in the Cadets for three months, I have to say the entire experience has been the highlight of my life so far. I loved every minute, from shooting and fieldcraft through to ghyll scrambling. I have made some good friends too. It has been one big life-changing adventure and I can’t wait until next camp… Bronze DofE is next on my list…

    Cadet Foulsham / Long Sutton

    It’s hard to pick out a highlight as the whole camp was enjoyable – whether the satisfaction from passing most of my star level or the happiness that comes from meeting up with everyone from previous camps. 2 Squadron’s success couldn’t have been achieved if the cadets didn’t have the stamina to do their best on the 10-day rollercoaster that annual camp is.

    Cadet Loveless / Grantham RLC

    The best thing had to be the final parade. There’s no feeling like marching with the band and it was such a good way to round up such an amazing ten days.
    Cadet Human / Bourne

    Winning most of the silverware on final parade and being presented a trophy of personal recognition really delighted me as I handed my Squadron to the new SSM.
    Ex-Squadron Cadet Sergeant Major Main / Bourne

    Attending annual camp this year was an extraordinary experience! I made lots of new friends and got to pass a lot of subjects and generally had fun. Can’t wait for Annual 2017!!
    Cadet L/Cpl Zapalski / Spalding

    The best thing? Winning the Drill and March & Shoot for Squadron and seeing my mates for one last time – they are the best people I’ve ever met. Getting promoted to Staff Sergeant and passing on my knowledge to the other cadets just makes it for me.

    Cadet Staff Sergeant Kenyon / Bourne

    I think it’s safe to say that this year’s Adventure Training was the best I have experienced on my three annual camps. The ghyll scrambling was absolutely mint! Well done to the person who organised it!

    Also, I enjoyed progressing in my cadet career, by being promoted to corporal and receiving the Lana Lou Trophy for the ‘Best Cadet in 1 Coy’. I felt absolutely honoured.
    Thanks everyone for making my annual camps better and better each year. New mates, new challenges, but still the same old fun! Roll on Annual Camp 2017!

    Cadet Corporal Jones / Abbey Detachment

    Without doubt, my highlights of annual camp were getting promoted and receiving ‘Best 2* Female Cadet’.

    Cadet L/Cpl Muncey / Spalding Detachment

    My highlight was seeing the cadets, both junior and senior, progress though the star levels and earning the next rank in their army cadet career. Completing the Gold DofE expedition was special too. Last of all, being able to see mates from other companies/squadron for the final time, before I leave the cadets.

    Cadet CSM Murray / Cherry Willingham

    Highlights? The whole camp as a whole, because I made so many new friends plus I past most things off on 1 Star. As always, 2 Squadron provided so many happy memories to bring back home; across the competitions they could hardly of done any better. Let’s just say I would do it again… any time. Ten days I won’t forget.

    Cadet Comtois / Grantham RL.

    For me, it was making new friends and experiencing ghyll scrambling.
    Annual camp 2016 was definitely the best annual camp I have ever been on. Fieldcraft was another highlight because we had an amazing instructor and we had so much fun. Thanks everyone who made this such an memorable experience.

    Cadet L/Cpl Slipper / Billingborough

    The ghyll scrambling was amazing – even though the water was freezing! It was the best thing I have ever done.

    Cadet Langford / Spalding

    Wet AT – especially the ghyll scrambling (even though I fell down every rock possible and bruised everything I could have done.) I was kind of terrified at first, but soon realised how fun it was!!

    During our blank-firing 2 star fieldcraft exercise, we had to advance forward in arrowhead formation. We came under fire from the front; we had to fire two shots then dive to the floor and fire every few seconds. We hurled smoke pyrotechnics and then peeled round, one by one, to the rear!

    At the range, I scored a 90/100 and achieved a marksman first class badge!

    Dry AT – we went up the abseiling for a few hours. The drop was around 40 metres and there was a free abseil part of the wall too (where there is no wall to bound off, just open space). In the afternoon you could opt for clay shooting but I slapped out to do abseiling again!

    Cadet L/Cpl Rowe / North Hykeham