Now Can It Be Christmas Please?

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Well it’s December everybody, time to get the tinsel out and the christmas lights turned on…Oh no wait a minute, that happened last month.

It seems the whole Christmas thing starts to pick up pace earlier and earlier. This year there was definitely signs of all things festive before Halloween & Bonfire season had begun. Nothing major but just a hint. Sofa adverts on the television introducing snow effect graphics, or someone on the radio thinking they are being clever by playing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ or ‘Santa Baby’ in October.

I love Christmas, getting together with family and old friends, stocking up on a few extra bottles of nice wine and getting a good selection of cheeses in the fridge for those snacks you know will add to the waistline but hey it’s Christmas, why not?

I’ll be braving the crowds and cold weather this week to go and pick a tree, I’ll be up in the loft getting all the dusty boxes of decorations out for another year and I’ll be pressing play on the ‘Xmas Playlist’ on the iPad. Hello Christmas 2016!

Speaking of Christmas trees, check out the article below to find out why we have the tradition of tree in out lounges and sitting rooms.


YJA Co-editor


Where exactly did the Christmas tree come from?