Christmas at Boston High School

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Christmas Jumper Day, special festive school dinner, Christmas card making competition it is all happening at Boston High School over the next week or so.

Matt from YJA came in to train a new batch of Yr 7 & 8’s on all things film. Most of us had never used a video camera before let alone write a script and edit camera footage into a finished piece so to say we were excited is an understatement.

With the news team at Boston High being so big this year we had to split into groups of 10 for our training. We got our note books ready and our ears open as we only had a few hours with Matt to learn about video journalism and the skills needed to produce a short filmed piece.

We learnt about research and scripting, tripod, mic & camera use, framing your shot, b-roll footage, presentation skills and of course editing techniques that would help us stitch together what we had filmed. There was so much to learn but the whole morning was such a lot of fun, from people messing up their lines and needing a few extra takes to get it right to watching ourselves back in the editing room and cringing at how we all looked and sounded on camera!

We managed to produce our first short film and can’t wait to get going on our next assignment which is already being planned as it is a commission from the school to help produce a teacher training video. Check out our Christmas round up below.

Oh and a very merry Christmas from all of us at the Boston High Newsroom.