Wild Predictions Made as Planet Moves Closer to Earth

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Few people will argue that the Solar System is not a wondrous place filled with danger and excitement. Niburu (the new 9th planet) has been hitting the news as it orbits the solar system awkwardly; each August it appears in Earth’s sky as a second Sun, and every year it gets closer and closer to our planet.

In January, top astronomers officially announced Niburu, previously known as Planet X, to the mainstream media – after years of denial and numerous conspiracy theories.

Right now the solar system is in a stage known as the ‘perfection stage’, however the system won’t always stay like this. Recently, there has been a lot of drama about Niburu and the ‘2032 end of the Earth disaster’.

A few years back, the Daily Express headlined with: “An enormous asteroid ‘will’ smash into earth on 26 August 2032 with a force 50 times greater than the most powerful nuclear bomb, it was claimed today.” The space agency, NASA was quick to calm nerves however by emphasising that the threat of the asteroid hitting Earth was ‘only one in 63,000 and the likelihood of it missing earth is 99.9984 per cent.’

Scientists are keeping a beady eye on it, measuring how much closer to Earth it gets and hence the ‘2032’ calculations. Although it could, in theory, be close enough to hit and completely obliterate Earth, it far more likely that Niburu will go launching into the Sun, so we can all relax.


Toby, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy