2026 World Cup to be expanded IMO #8

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You may have noticed that I’ve not been posting many articles on the YJA website in the past month. This is due to some challenging saving issues on my computer. This has led to a tally of 17 articles not saving, however, this one is a survivor. I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and if you don’t already know,  I am a keen journalist and sports fan, that is why I have a sport-based series of articles called IMO (standing for ‘in my opinion’). 


FIFA has decided to make a change to the 2026 World Cup by increasing the number of teams from 32 to 48.This drastic change will mean that smaller countries (some that may not have any World Cup experience what so ever) will get a chance to possibly play some of the biggest and most talented countries around today. This could also mean that huge upsets could occur- maybe even bigger than Holland not even qualifying for the 2014 world cup!

To most footy fanatics around the World Cup period, 64 games in such a short period is amazing, but now there will be an outstanding 80 games in that short time span!

Despite this glut of games, the winners will still only play seven matches, still loads of time for bags of talent!

FIFA president, Gianni Infantino has been behind every move, saying the World Cup has to be ‘more inclusive’. In my view, this statement is certainly correct, because currently not enough countries gain the right to proudly carry their countries flag during the opening ceremony.

Another benefit is feeling like you’ve made it. Playing for your country is every child’s dream (well those who love football of course) but to be picked to play in the World Cup must be the best thing that could ever happen to you!

I would love to play for my country and feel like Gianni Infantino is giving a lot more people the chance.

So, I think that Gianni Infantino is making a wise move, one that the football world will not regret.


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent

Senior Young Journalist

Year 6, Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

One Response to 2026 World Cup to be expanded IMO #8

  1. Matt January 12, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    I agree Will, I listened to the breaking news on Talksport earlier this week and think that the new look format for the World Cup is going to be very exciting indeed. Like you say it does also create the chance that there will be some huge upsets during the tournament. There is also the possibility that 7 games a day may be televised…I’m not sure how many football fans will actually get anything done during the next World Cup!!

    YJA Co-editor