West Ham Win Without Payet

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Despite missing their star player, West Ham sealed a 3-0 victory over Crystal Palace yesterday to move them up to 12th in the table and send relegation specialist Sam Allardyce and his Eagles to 17th, just one place above the relegation zone.

But of course the headlines this week have centred around the fact that Dimitri Payet does not want to play for West Ham anymore. West Ham manager Slaven Bilic says star player Dimitri Payet no longer wants to play for the claret and blue side, however the twist in the tale is that they don’t want Dimitri to leave either.

An infuriated Slaven said, “We have said we don’t want to sell our best players but Payet does not want to play for us.” The situation Bilic is in is not a pretty one as both ends of the spectrum are certainly not ideal. He has to either see his best player go or hold on to him while paying him for sitting on the bench.

Bilic is clearly not happy at the way Payet has gone about business this week

To prove that Payet isn’t interested in playing for the irons, he was left out of the side against Manchester City, they lost that match 5-0 (that just shows without Dimitri they aren’t a strong side at all). He came on at about 55 minutes but made little or no impact to the contest as City scored a few more, just to put the game to bed.

It was just in February of 2016 that he signed a new contract to tie him to the Hammers to the summer of 2021- that didn’t last too long, not even a year! Even though he has scored on five occasions this season, Payet has failed to hit the same heights he reached last season. I’m not personally expecting a player to play well all the time; however, they are paid enough money to play well at least most of the time!

Because the Irons superstar is currently not wanting to play, that has obviously not gone down well with Slaven Bilic  as he stated: “Until he changes his attitude he is out of the team and he’s not going to train with us.” Despite this being what some would call a harsh move by the West Ham gaffer, in most people’s opinion, including mine, this is a brilliant move by Slaven Bilic as this will give the French man some time to think about how he could potentially be damaging his career.

Slaven may be leaving him out of training because of rage but he is also rolling the dice as it could result in Payet refusing to play for West Ham again.

Bilic also carried on by quoting “I spoke to the chairman and this is not a money issue, we gave him a long contract because we want him to stay.” This is what I would call a fair statement as every club obviously wants their best players to stay but, at the same time, if the player isn’t happy at the club then it would be unfair to prolong what they would probably call suffering.

For football’s sake, let’s hope that Dimitri Payet will grace the Premier League again with his magical French footwork!


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent

Senior Young Journalist

Year 6, Heighington Millfield Primary Academy