How much longer can Earth stand the heat?

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Our home planet earth may be close to an end due to global warming.

Right now there are about a billion cars on Earth and vehicles release a gas known as carbon dioxide or CO2. This is a hot gas, which heats the atmosphere as it drifts along.

If this keeps up, Earth will just melt, the oceans will vaporize, the mountains will turn to liquid and melt to the ground, cracks will show and magma will explode out.

Earth seems to be racing forwards, towards the sixth known mass extinction as many species of animals are starting to be unable to cope with the increasing heat.

It’s calculated that at least 47% of the nearly 1 thousand different species known on earth are suffering from these heats and going locally extinct.

Some people have started putting up signs saying things like: “car share for cleaner air!” or “share cars for a cooler planet” but sadly not many people pay attention to these warnings.

It was said by scientists that by 2066 Earth will be a dry, brown planet, all water will have evaporated and all land will be a fiery wasteland ……. unless something changes.


Toby, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy