The Stone Age

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Earlier this month Dr Eric Grigg came to visit us at Monks Abbey to talk about the Stone Age.

Dr Grigg showing us how they made fire in the Stone Age

Dr Grigg is from The Collection, the award winning archaeology museum in Lincoln and he is an expert on the Stone Age period. Dr Grigg is just about to complete his PhD on Anglo Saxon England. Dr Eric bought lots of cool things to show us. The most amazing thing was a woolly mammoth tooth that was very heavy and rough to touch. The tooth was a mouldy cream colour and was about the size of Mr Ingamells head!

Fun with masks!

Dr Grigg started his talk by asking us what we already knew about the Stone Age? We amazed him with our fun facts, some of our favourite facts were that after hunting huge animals for food, cavemen used to use the animals fur for clothing. We also knew that the Stone Age lasted more than 3 million years. That is a pretty long time. Cave men also invented lots of really useful things from stone, like tools and weapons. They made flint knives for cutting meat and carving things from wood too.

During the talk some children were picked to stand in front of the class wearing masks to show some of the animals that lived in the Stone Age. Some of the animals were sheep, bison, mammoth, deer and horses. It was pretty funny seeing some of our classmates in strange masks. Anaia from The Young Journalist Academy team said, “The masks were so funny also I learnt lots of facts and liked seeing all the artefacts, it was amazing because they were so old!”

Olivier creating some cave art

One of the most interesting things we were shown were some examples of ‘cave art’. Because cave men didn’t have any wallpaper or paint brushes they used whiskers from animals to act as a brush and animal blood and herbal colourings to paint and decorate their caves with. The cave paintings were usually stories of the Stone Age families lives. Masooma from the YJA team said, “It was amazing, we used tea bags and chalk instead of animal blood to create our own cave art.”

We really love learning about the Stone Age and cave men and women, if you have not studied it at school yet have a look at BBC’s Bitesize website for loads more cool things to learn about the Stone Age.

What would us children look like as ‘Cave Kids’?

Monks Abbey YJA Newsroom

4 Responses to The Stone Age

  1. Izzy Edwards February 2, 2017 at 11:51 am

    WOW!!!!!! this is soo good

  2. masooma February 2, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Wow I think this is hilarious but educational at the same time and by this I mean the masks. Even though I was there I still think it is sooooo funny every time I see it.


    By Masooma

  3. paula February 2, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    I met Dr Grigg too, it was just so hilarious looking at the animal pic. Some of the things and activities were just so funny. Learning about the Stone Age was really fun, especially how people started off. One of my favourite things was that we got to see a wooly mammoth’s tooth, a deer’s antler, a sheep’s horn and lots more. This was a really, really interesting topic. I loved learning about the Stone Age!

    by Paula

  4. Jasmine February 2, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    This is so cool I learnt Stone Age in Year 3.