Wireless Charging coming to iPhone?

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In competition with Samsung, Apple has been rapidly churning out new and high-tech features to add to its iPhone. However, unlike their great rivals one thing the giants from Silicon Valley haven’t yet added to their phones is wireless charging.

Wireless charging is a time saving and high-tech concept in which users don’t have to plug their phone into a charger, instead they just need to place it on a charging base.

The new iPhone 7 will hopefully have this feature added to them, but if Apple does not have it complete, then it should be added to the iPhone 8.

Apple and Samsung are probably the two biggest competing companies, so it’s no surprise that their phones are progressing faster than any other manufacturer, keeping them ahead of the game.

You might be wondering when these new iPhones will be released. Well, it’s whispered that they will probably be available to buy this year! There will hopefully be a new type of iPhone 7 and the all-new iPhone 8 coming out this year. Both are expected to have wireless charging.

The new iPhones will also feature 3D touch and OLED display. Apple has been working on wireless charging for quite a while now, but they have had a few problems with the phones overheating whilst on a charge. Hopefully they’ve fixed that issue.

Price-wise, they will cost a lot more. Early indications are they will come up in price by 30% to 50%, possibly costing a staggering $1000 (about £800).


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