Nintendo Switch

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Late last year, Nintendo gave us a sneak-peak at their new console, the Nintendo Switch.

The video game giant kept its cards close to its chest and has only hinted at a March release date so far. Oh yeah and a totally cool 3-minute trailer that has got the video game world talking!

The Switch is a whopping £279.99. Even bigger if you want to get two exclusive games with it (Splatoon2 & Zelda Breath of the Wild) as the price jumps to £379.99! Worth it? We will have to wait and see.

If you are looking for a machine that just specialises in gaming then the Nintendo Switch is for you. There are rumours in the tech industry that this could be Nintendo’s last shot at building a console that can keep up or match the might of the PS4 or New Xbox so it might just be brilliant. At a press launch a couple of weeks ago a Nintendo spokes-person said, “All of our efforts have gone toward making the Nintendo Switch system an amazing dedicated video game platform.”

If you are a parent reading this then listen in…You can get a safety app that allows  you to see the latest games your child has been playing, as well as this, you can set restrictions so your child isn’t playing any over-aged games and you can set a timer which will tell your child when gaming time is up! I wonder if a parent at Nintendo thought of that idea!?

Keep your eyes peeled for more pre-release news from Manor Leas Academy newsroom.

By Jude C

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    Great article. Concisely describes the features of the Nintendo Switch from both the adult gamer and parents of a younger gamer’s point of view. I’ll be interested in seeing further articles about how ‘the Switch’ fares once it goes on sale.
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