Who has the best chance of winning The Masters? IMO #11

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I’m Will from Heighington Millfield Primary Academy, I am a keen journalist and sports fan, that is why I’m re-launching my sport-based series of articles called IMO (standing for ‘in my opinion’). I will add to this series once a month, so you can always look forward to some new sports articles arriving at the YJA website!


The Masters is a huge golfing event that takes place every year at Augusta Country Club in America. Millions of people tune in from around the world to witness shocks, fantastic golf shots and much more. In my opinion, it will be Justin Thomas who will claim the famous green blazer this year at Augusta.

Augusta’s course can be extremely hard to play, as with the slightest of weather change it can prove impossible at times, however it is how the biggest players in the world can adjust.

Danny Willet proved just last year that it is anyone’s game if one of ‘the big dogs’ throws it away. No matter what the course threw at him, he managed to never give up and come out on top of the pack.

Justin Thomas is someone who seems to have the same attributes as Danny Willet, yet Justin plays better golf so it could be a one-horse race right from the start if he gets off to a good start on the first few tricky holes.

Another thing that could propel Justin even further is that he has already carded a rare 59 on tour- that is a big thing for the self-esteem!

A lot of people think that Justin Spieth will gain the right to wear the green blazer once again, but I personally don’t. In my opinion, he seems far too relaxed and lazy now he knows he has already won this major competition- look what happened last year!

Another player who is rapidly finding his feet again is Rory Mcilroy. Despite this being a fact that no one can deny he is not a player who plays well at Augusta. In my opinion, I think that he lets the occasion get to his head a lot more than he should.

Justin Thomas also has the experience of playing with Jordan Spieth who is an idol to most young players of the game.

In my opinion, it will be Justin Thomas who will return home wearing the famous green blazer.


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent

Senior Young Journalist

Year 6, Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

One Response to Who has the best chance of winning The Masters? IMO #11

  1. charlie March 6, 2017 at 11:16 am

    Great article Will, I am not a big fan of golf and obviously you are looking at how many articles on golf you have posted but this article stood out a lot. Very interesting.