Are you watching fake cartoons?

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Are you watching fake cartoons? Not sure? Well according to BBC Trending blog millions of YouTube users are being tricked into watching fake versions of their favourite cartoons.

Some of the fake cartoons have a monster version of Peppa in them.

If you have watched Peppa Pig, Disney’s Frozen, The Minions cartoon shorts, Doc McStuffins or Thomas the tank engine you may well of ended up watching a snippet of a fake version on line. Most of these dodgy remakes are unsuitable for young children as they often feature scenes that contain violence or weapons. Skyla from the YJA team at Manor Leas said, “I have accidentally clicked on a fake Peppa Pig video before and the video was about Peppa getting her teeth pulled out at the dentist, there was a lot of screaming and cartoon blood, I knew straight away it was not the right video!”

A popular YouTube Kids app has been named as one platform where the fake cartoons are appearing. The app has been flooded with mock animations of Peppa chasing characters with knives and guns and even setting a house on fire. It is horrible and often scary for children to suddenly be revealed to these kind of images. YouTube has said they remove clips as soon as possible, adding: “Any that don’t belong in the app are removed within hours.”

BBC Trending blog have found hundreds of similar videos of children’s cartoons that have horrible themes. Sonia Livingstone, an expert on child online safety and professor of social psychology at the London School of Economics told BBC Trending, “It’s perfectly legitimate for a parent to believe that something called Peppa Pig is going to be Peppa Pig,” she says. “And I think many of them have come to trust YouTube… as a way of entertaining your child for ten minutes while the parent makes a phone call. I think if it wants to be a trusted brand then parents should know that protection is in place.”

For parents reading this the YJA team recommend that you check the ‘filters’ section on the tablet that your child is using as this will ensure that the majority of videos flagged as inappropriate will not show in search requests.

By Mithusigaa, Yr5

MLYJA Newsroom