New technology for YJA Newsrooms!

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The Young Journalist Academy has launched an innovative piece of tech to their newsrooms that is set to take the journalism world by storm.

The YJA Slate™ and Chalk™ is released today with queues literally forming nowhere with people not wanting to part with any of their money.

The Slate™ revolutionises the journalism industry with the ability to record important interviews and notes using the Chalk™ to interact intuitively with the Slate’s™ matt surface.

Using the very latest in metamorphic rock the Slate™ is available in grey and black only. Using the optional Wipe™ users can access the ‘clean slate’ function allowing for continued usage.

The Editors – YJA

One Response to New technology for YJA Newsrooms!

  1. rosie stewart May 18, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    is this supposed to be sarcastic?