Will Lincoln City be able to cope in League Two? IMO #13

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I’m Will from Heighington Millfield Primary Academy, I am a keen journalist and sports fan, that is why I’m re-launching my sport-based series of articles called IMO (standing for ‘in my opinion’). 

I will add to this series once a month, so you can always look forward to some new sports articles arriving at the YJA website!


After a season jam-packed full of shocks and surprises, Lincoln City secured their place in League Two with a 2-1 win over Macclesfield. As many know as well, they had an amazing run in the FA Cup, managing to get to the quarter final stage as a non-league side! In also gaining promotion to League 2, it has led many with the question of whether they will be able to cope. In my opinion I think that they may be able to win that league too!

Lincoln City, a name that has been banding around English football for the past year have been playing nothing short of brilliant football, no-one can argue with that, but a lot of people are questioning whether they can handle a bigger league with better players and teams. With Danny and Nicky Cowley managing them at the moment, I don’t see anything that they can’t do!

With a different league comes tougher and better opponents, however I believe that this could help some of the players progress as footballers. Not only will it help them progress, it will show some of the players’ talents and skills a lot more as it is not a game of smashing it from one defence to another.

The last time Lincoln City participated in League Two football was six years ago when they came crashing down to what was known then as the Blue Square Bet League. Seeing as Lincoln City have completed such a feat of getting out of the National League, a lot of people around Lincoln are in absolute ecstasy.

One Imps fan who goes to most of the home games stated: “I can’t believe how well Lincoln City has done this year.” He also went on to say: “How far they have got in the FA Cup is just absolutely astonishing, however it is a shame that people (like me) can’t go to games like Macclesfield as ‘plastic fans’ are getting tickets – people who have been to about two games are getting tickets instead of people like me sometimes!”

In my opinion, the Imps will just have to train that tiny bit harder to be competing for promotion to League One in the following season. Also, there is absolutely no reason what so ever as to why they can’t thrill all of us and win League Two throwing them into League One for the first time in a very long time.

The 2-1 win over Gateshead just proves that they have winners spirit as until the 90th minute they were losing 1-0, but with a fantastic spot kick from Lincoln’s top scorer this season, Matt Rhead, and a 94th minute winner from Lincoln vs Ipswich star Nathan Arnold, it saw incredible scenes with even Lincoln City super fan Sid running on the pitch!

What the script that the Imps seem to be following at the moment has in store for us fans in the coming years is unknown but all that is certain is that whatever happens in League Two next year the fans will be proud.

In my opinion, it is an absolutely fantastic achievement as to what they have done. Not just the boys and the managing team are to be proud of as the backroom staff seems to have been forgotten about. They have done a fantastic job as well as the coaches; after all without the managing team Lincoln wouldn’t be where they are today!

What a year it has been for the boys, the FA Cup and then the FA Trophy and now this – just amazing! If City were to gain promotion again, it would be pure chaos but an absolutely brilliant achievement. Up the Imps!


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent

Senior Young Journalist

Year 6, Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

One Response to Will Lincoln City be able to cope in League Two? IMO #13

  1. Will n April 30, 2017 at 7:48 am

    Great article Will and well done you Imps!