Is Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest of all time?

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Cristiano Ronaldo has just recorded his 47th career hat-trick, more than Alan Shearer, Harry Kane and Wayne Rooney put together. That is just absolutely outstanding. Despite being in tight contention with Lionel Messi, most say he is head and shoulders above him now.

Ronaldo has scored 103 Champions League goals, which is equal to the amount of appearances Roma legend Francesco Totti has made. The 32-year-old, as everyone knows, is one of a kind, but from anyone who has played the game, they would know that the records he is setting are unparalleled!

Nobody else has been coming close to the Portuguese’s accomplishments over the past couple of decades; he has also reached 400 Real Madrid goals- what an amazing achievement!

Although he has bags of accolades, experts are saying that he has only got 399 goals for Real Madrid not 400. This is an interesting theory as Ronaldo comes across as a very self-centred and arrogant character, so he will become another laughing stock – maybe it’s not just David Moyes after all!

One record he is chasing is currently held by Lionel Messi. 50 La Liga goals is the current record held by the Argentinian magician, but Cristiano is bound to at least equal that in the coming years!

Personally, I prefer Lionel, but I can agree that the Portuguese winger is a better player. I don’t think that he is head and shoulders above the Argentinian forward, but I do think he is a better player.

While Ronaldo is probably at home with his feet up thinking he has reached 400 goals, there is one controversial goal that is the biggest talking point in world football at the moment. The controversial strike came back in 2010, when Ronaldo smashed a free-kick into the back of the net against Real Sociedad, but it was counted as a Pepe goal, with the ball flicking off the defender’s back as he ducked in the wall.

Despite the big talking point being about that controversial free-kick, (which I would have certainly counted as Ron’s) he can celebrate helping his team to a 3-0 advantage against Atletico Madrid in the semi-final of the Champions League going into the second leg.

Yet again, another one of the records held by Ronaldo is just outstanding. Ronaldo broke the record of reaching 100 league goals in the shortest time possible, making him the fastest player in Real Madrid history to do so. This feat will also include Ronaldo being the first player to have scored against every team in a single season in the La Liga, across 2011-12. Also, while playing for Real Madrid, he reached the record for scoring the most goals in a single season (in total), which attributed to most goals being scored in a single minute for the same club.

Ronaldo is probably already known as the greatest player to ever grace the Champions League, however what most don’t know is that he also holds the record again for the single most UEFA Champions League goals in one campaign, having scored 17 times in the 2013–14 season.

Cristiano Ronaldo could possibly be the best player to ever play the game if he starts to prove himself a lot more on the international stage. He is breaking and setting new records every day it seems! What the future holds for Ronny is uncertain but more records is more than on the cards.


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent

Senior Young Journalist

Year 6, Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

One Response to Is Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest of all time?

  1. Will.N May 18, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Amazing article Will, but I still think that Messi is the best.