Can Wonder Woman save the DC extended universe?

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The first DC movie of 2017, the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman is less than a month away from release. The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is so far looking extremely underpowered compared with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, so the pressure is on to ensure this latest comic book-based movie from Warner Bros is a smash.

The DCEU started to get very confused about what makes a good hero. They’ve seen that Superman was lacking his usual optimism and the gun-carrying Batman, who is motivated almost entirely by hurting someone. Even though they’re are good guys who were born to be good, the world turned to a group of supervillains when they needed Enchantress to be taken down in Suicide Squad.

Wonder Woman is meant to be different, expressing a very feminine sense of peace, justice and what star Gal Gadot described as ‘emotional intelligence’. Jenkins’ movie is set against the backdrop of the youthful superhero’s first interaction with mankind during the First World War. But even this very green Diana of the Amazons needs to stay with the character’s traditional personality.

DC has an opportunity to steal the screen on Marvel here because the Disney-owned studio has been dragging its heels on delivering a movie led by a female superhero (Captain Marvel isn’t hitting the screens until 2019). Jenkins has an impressive history of telling women’s stories; she directed the Oscar-winning crime drama Monster along with several episodes of the excellent US version of The Killing.

In less than a month, the world will know wonder. Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman and the film hits the big screen on June 2nd.


Ava, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy