Latest Police Recruit is a Guinea Pig

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Police in New Zealand have a new member joining them to help spread their safety rules.

Guinea pig Elliot has been a big hit since appearing on New Zealand’s police social media, posting in his own mini police hat. Elliot’s message to the world is: “I am not too fast and that’s the way I like it – slow is safe.”

First appearing over Easter weekend, the New Zealand guinea pig was named Police Easter Bunny!

Away from work, Elliot, who is 4-years-old, spends a lot of his time rolling around on the grass in the sun. Apparently, he loves spending time playing with his owners and adores being patted and cuddled.

According to his human ‘mum’, he is pampered and really enjoys going on trips to explore new food supplies.

On his Facebook, Elliot was snapped with a car toy that had been ‘dumped’; the post is to remind people to keep their valuables with them and not leave them in the car.

The latest piece of advice from Elliot is, “Remember people, the kids are going to be out and about walking, biking and crossing roads. Like me, they are small and unpredictable, so you have to watch out!”
Libby and Abi, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy





One Response to Latest Police Recruit is a Guinea Pig

  1. Millie May 5, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Really interesting article Libby and Abi, who would of known that a guinea pig would have such a special role!