New Nerf Accustrike is a big hit

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Lots of kids, and no doubt many dads, have been thrilled by the latest additions to the Accustrike Series

Struck with awesomeness, users of The Nerf N-Strike Alpha Hawk and the Falcon Fire have been delighted by the greatly enhanced accuracy of the shooters, with darts and bullets hitting their targets with unerring accuracy. To do this, darts have been totally redesigned from tip to tail.

The design team has said: “The most important factors to consider in an accurate dart are altered airflow and weight distribution. That, and making sure that added stability didn’t result in a dramatic loss of distance.”

The Alphahawk blaster fires one at a time from a revolving and easy-loaded drum that holds up to 5 darts. You just take aim and strike like a hawk! It also includes 10 elite foam darts that are designed for greater accuracy. These projectiles are compatible with Elite darts (which are sold separately).

A reviewer for wrote: “There’s even a dart that whistles, for when you want your opponent to  feel and hear their fate. Now, the iconic toy company has developed a dart that does perhaps the very most important thing: It goes where you want it to!”


Charlie C, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy


One Response to New Nerf Accustrike is a big hit

  1. mikel May 18, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    Nice article Charlie, I love Nerf and want the Alphahawk.