When the Snapchat Streak comes to an end

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Young people all over the UK have downloaded a popular app called Snapchat and are making Snapchat streaks with their friends.

For those not familiar with Snapchat, you take pictures of yourself and send it to others to look at. You can also make streaks, this is where each day you have to send a picture to your friend and they send you one back. The more you streak the more trophies you get.

Snapchat can also cause arguments, say if you were on 500th and your friend had forgotten to send you a snap one day, you would be very upset because then your streak would be over.

Some children said that they tried the Snapchat streaks with their friends and got up to about 200 and then they or their friend had forgotten to send one and were quite upset because they achieved all that for nothing.

The NSPCC has also been involved with this craze. Children have been calling them because they have been hurt or upset by a Snapchat streak. (One girl contacted the NSPCC because she had no wifi that day so she couldn’t send one to her friend and was scared because she thought her friend might think she didn’t like them anymore.)

Snapchat even has its own support web page:

The longest Snapchat streak ever was: 715 days! So, if you want to beat the world record, you will have to talk with your friend for more than 715 days straight!


Athena, Year 6

Burgh School

One Response to When the Snapchat Streak comes to an end

  1. Ruby May 18, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    Wow! I loved reading this article. I think its silly to fall out over a streak. Although I think its cool how they managed 715 days!