Breaking Mews…

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When the driver of a lorry from Poland to Northamptonshire pulled up at Dynamic Office Solutions Northampton Depot, he did not expect to find what he did in a large cardboard box described as a ‘void filler’.

No one is sure how the little kittens found their way into the box before leaving Poland?

As the Lorry arrived at its destination it was unloaded as usual but nobody expected to find 4 stowaway kittens in the ‘void filler’ box. The lorry began its journey at an office furniture factory in Zarow (in south western Poland) and travelled for 3 days through Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and across the English Channel, at which point it was not checked.

After the kittens were found the lorry driver and workers immediately found some bedding and food for the stowaway kittens and called the RSPCA. Dawn smith, an animal welfare manager said “These kittens are lucky to be alive having travelled so far with no food in the back of a cold lorry”. When the factory was called they said that they had no idea how the kittens had gotten into the box but the kittens are only about 2 weeks old and after their traumatic experience everyone is hoping they will pull through.

These surprising stowaways have been named Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-frid after the Swedish pop group, ABBA and are now safe and sound in their new foster care home!

Méabh – Yr 9

NK School Newsroom

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