Hamilton – The Hip-Hop Musical

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Ever wished for history to be fun? Well now it can be with award-winning musical ‘Hamilton’ – with music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda (You know the one, no? She wrote some awesome songs for Disney’s Moana). Oh Yes and the musical is hip-hop based, some something very different.

The ladies of Hamilton getting down to some of the Hip-Hop beats in the musical

Beat boxing founding fathers…what is not to like?

Hamilton is a spectacular musical which began it’s making in 2009 and after a long time in production, was finally performed in 2015 in The Public Theatre (located in New York City). The musical is based around the life of one of the Founding Fathers of the United States Alexander Hamilton. The idea was developed after Lin-Manuel Miranda bought a copy of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow whilst on the way to perform in his other distinguished musical ‘In the Heights’. Whilst reading the book, Miranda began to imagine what Hamilton’s life would be like if it were to become a musical and a few years later it became a reality.

Lin-Manuel began to develop a project titled ‘The Hamilton Mixtape’ which he then performed a short extract of at the Whitehouse Evening of Poetry, Music and Spoken Word. This then inspired him to continue to develop the musical until it had become an outstanding production, consisting of two acts and 46 songs. The musical is sung-through, meaning there are no lines in between songs, only very short pauses.

The now World famous musical has won many awards. In 2016, Hamilton received 16 Tony nominations, a record setting number and ended up winning 11! Another award won was the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album.

Hamilton is still being performed today, although it no longer stars Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander. Tickets vary at prices from £37.50 to £89.50 per person; the tickets may sound expensive, but that amount of money to witness the magnificent musical is definitely worth it.

Asher – Year 8 – NK Newsroom