Diego Costa insists Chelsea don’t want him

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Spanish striker, Diego Costa, is saying that Premier League champions, Chelsea, just don’t want him. This is absolutely shocking news as Costa is repeatedly proving that he is one of the best players in the Premier League.

Costa may be a bit of a hot-head at times, but it is just simply not up for debate whether he is a good player or not – he is extremely good! The 28-year-old netted a brilliant 20 goals in 35 appearances this season, against the Premier League defences that were put in-front of him, that is a cracking number.

A great reason why the Blues got to where they wanted to be (champions of the Premier League) is because of Costa, he is one of the most reliable strikers in the league and never fails to deliver in big or must-win games. A perfect example would be in the FA Cup final. With Chelsea trailing by a goal, a perfectly weighted ball was put into the box only for Costa to take one touch and put it in the back of the net!

“I’m a Chelsea player, but they do not want me there,” Costa said. He also went on to say later in the interview: “Antonio Conte has told me by message that I do not follow at Chelsea and that’s it, Conte said he did not count on me for next season.”

He spent four seasons at Atletico Madrid and suggested he might be open to a return back to what he calls his ‘real club’, despite the La Liga club being banned from signing players until the January transfer window. In January 2017, the striker had links to the Chinese Super League, but he chose not to go due to him having such a good time span with the Blues – what a good decision that turned out to be as they were obviously champions!

Costa is being made to be feel like he has outstayed his welcome; however he should be in his prime at the moment as he is just off the back of more success in the Premier League.

The Spaniard spoke during an interview after a 2-2 draw against Colombia and said: “My relationship with the coach at Chelsea has been bad this season. It’s a real shame as I feel like I could really excel in the next couple of seasons, however I’ve already forwarded the message to Chelsea people to decide where my future goes.”

Costa himself doesn’t even know where his career is going or what the future even holds in the next couple of seasons, but a lot more goals and success is bound to come from such a good striker.


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent

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One Response to Diego Costa insists Chelsea don’t want him

  1. charlie June 15, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Great article Will, I am not a Chelsea fan so I don’t think that Diego Costa is the best player in the BPL.