More Boys into Ballet

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A lot of people when they think of ballet they picture girls in tutus leaping across a studio floor but in reality boys enjoy the elegance of dance and the feeling it gives them.

“Just 1.8% of ballet exam candidates are boys!” says the Royal Academy of Dance. But why is this?

Many boys are into Minecraft, Angry Birds and lots of other online apps and games, but many of their parents want them to get outside and not be staring at a computer screen all day. Ballet may not be the ‘great outdoors’ but it is still away from a screen and is a fun way to get exercise.

What is interesting is that, surprisingly, men that play outdoor sporty games, such as football, often rely on balance quite a bit, so technically doing ballet and dance could have a positive effect on the way they perform.

Tons of people have different opinions on this topic such as Abi, a Year 6 pupil, who commented: “I think it’s more of a girl activity but if boys are happy doing it to help them balance in sport then there’s not much of a problem.”

Another Year 6 reasoned: “I think boys should do ballet to make them understand the difficulty and strength it takes to be a ballet dancer and sometimes it is quite good to have boys doing ballet because they can do big lifts for shows.”

To reinforce this, former England and Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand, 38, was accepted into the Central School of Ballet but chose a career in football.

Interestingly, according to a recent BBC report, funding is now finding its way to support the recruitment of more boys-only ballet workshops and masterclasses.

Take a peep at this YJA film of the ballet school that Rio Ferdinand very nearly attended:

Amira, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy

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  1. Sue Miller June 16, 2017 at 8:32 am

    Another brilliant article Amira! Well done xx