Producing your very own Radio Play

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A radio play is a play on the radio, so you hear the people instead of seeing them; this means you can concentrate on the play instead of focusing on the acting.

Making a radio play can be very time consuming but it is a great thing to do if you like writing (plays or even writing in general) or if you just like doing something a bit different.

(A radio play also helps people who are shy to do a play without anyone seeing them.)

First thing first, you need an idea that can be extended on, so you can add ideas or maybe make a sequel. It doesn’t matter if you do fiction, non-fiction or a mix whereby you use a fiction story and add non-fiction facts!

Make sure when you write it you don’t write it like a book, because it might take a little while to find who is saying it (plays are also a lot easier to read). Even though plays are a bit harder to write it is all worth it at the end.

Write is scenes, so people know exactly what scene they are in and can come when needed. If you have five or more scenes it means that it isn’t too short, because people normally forget short things.

Make sure you get the right cast members. You want people who fit your characters, so if you have a moody teenager as one of your characters you don’t choose the happiest person in the world! Be careful because if you have a mean character, you won’t want a mean person, but you want somebody who can sound mean.

When recording make sure you have a lot of time because it will take more than ten minutes. You’ll probably have to do a lot of takes to get it perfect. If a cast member messes up on a word make them say the sentence again because it is a lot easier when editing.

In putting together our play about a couple of pupils being accepted into YJA, we used the free software Audacity, which is quite easy to learn.

When it is done you will be so proud. A YJA member who recently has taken part in a radio play commented: “I was so proud when I finished my part in the radio play because I have done plays but never radio plays.”

Ruby and I were interviewed recently by a local radio station and we hope it will be aired on Siren FM soon.

Make sure to try writing a radio play in your spare time but right now listen to ours….


Charlotte, Year 6

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy