Special Award for Hero Lorry Driver

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The Royal Humane Society is to present a lorry driver with an award for his actions in saving the life of a van driver who suffered a stroke whilst driving down the A47, near Norfolk.

This man still had his foot on the accelerator, when his head fell onto the steering wheel of his van.

The lorry driver was in front of the van driver and he saw what happened and immediately went to help, as did the driver of a car behind.

Russell Dagless, the lorry driver, used his HGV to wedge the stricken man’s van against the central reservation barrier and bring it to a halt.

Police said he saved the trucker’s actions saved the driver’s life as he had lost consciousness after suffering a bleed to the brain.

Mr Dagless is to receive the Testimonial on Vellum award for his heroism being described by the charity as “like a scene from an all-action movie” showing “incredible courage”.

Mr Dagless (pictured) said: “He could have died. I’m not going to go on the bandwagon and say what we did absolutely saved his life but between all of us what happened definitely improves his chances of survival.

“Hero is a very, very strong word, I just had the right leg on at the exact right point.

“It’s very nice to have recognition for what you do when I was first told about it I thought it would just be a certificate, I didn’t realise the enormity of the award I was being given.”

The police said that the driver of the van is making a full recovery.

The amazing scene was captured on a dash cam. Click here to view.

(The Royal Humane Society was founded in London in 1774 by two eminent medical men, William Hawes and Thomas Cogan, who were keen to promote techniques of resuscitation. It became apparent that people were putting their own lives in danger rescuing others and awards were given in recognition of these acts of bravery. This remains the purpose of the society today.)


Lilia and Abi

Heighington Millfield Primary Academy