Scrappy the Fire Rescue Dog

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When talking about the Emergency Services animals are not often mentioned but there are quite a few well trained animals who work for the Police and Fire Brigade. You may remember reading an article from a YJA student about bomb detection dogs used in the RAF, click here to read.

Scrappy high up at work!

Well for the last few years Fire teams in the North East of England have been receiving help from Scrappy the Fire Rescue Dog but he has got to retire and they are now looking for a dog to replace him. Scrappy is a ‘sprocker’ spaniel, this breed of dog is the best choice says his trainer Lee Aspery. “They are lightweight which makes them easy to hoist up if needed, the cockers are also extremely intelligent so are very good to train”

Scrappy in his made to measure fire boots..How cool?

Scrappy is great at finding things that may be the causes of fires. His official title is a Hydrocarbon Detection dog. He is able to detect things a metre underground and up to 21 days after a fire has started. Scrappy has got his own fire safety gear too. He wears a special pair of fire boots that protect his paws when he is walking over hazardous terrain helping the fire teams.

Scrappy is obviously up with the times as he even has his own Twitter account and Facebook page! For more information why not check out his social media.

Izzy, Yr 4

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2 Responses to Scrappy the Fire Rescue Dog

  1. Charlie July 18, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Great article Izzy, I am sure you will make a great addition to the YJA team and what an inspiration Scrappy is. Once again, well done.

  2. cecily October 5, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    That is amazing, I can’t believe you are just in Year 4! I think you have a great future in journalism.