Celebs and their Surprising Secrets

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Celebrities have never been more in the public eye and it seems there is an endless supply of celeb stories online but at the Monks Abbey Newsroom we have uncovered some slightly odd celebrity secrets that you might not have read about.

The first celebrity in the spotlight is Simon Cowell. Famous of course for judging people on the X-Factor it turns out that he also has a passion for climbing trees. Apparently he tries to climb a tree everyday to feel like a kid again. Maybe when baby Eric, his son, grows up they can go climbing together.

Bieber shows his Rubix skills while doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

The second celeb is Justin Bieber. Bieber is not just good at singing and dancing, on tour he likes to chill out by doing the Rubix Cube. He can do it in less than 90 seconds which is pretty impressive.

Anna kristen Bell as well as acting also has a love of sloths. She told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that she has always wanted to meet one. Then one birthday her boyfriend arranged for her to meet one. She said: ‘I was having a birthday party later that evening and they had set up a little habitat. ‘Its a little jungle gym and she just hung out on the jungle gym for like three hours.’ Try googling for the video as Anna’s reaction to her birthday surprise is priceless.

Rooney made the revelation after re-signing for Everton

Wayne Roony has been wearing his Everton football pyjamas for the last 13 years even though he was playing for rivals Manchester United! Rooney told SkySports, “I’ve kept it quiet for the last 13 years, but I’ve actually been wearing Everton pyjamas at home with my kids.” After becoming United’s all time top goalscorer he has re-signed for Everton in the last week so he can now sleep easy in his Everton PJs.

Football again, a fast food takeaway shop might be the last place you expect to see a Premier League footballer like Ashley Young, but if you do see him there you might notice one of his odd habits. The Manchester United winger says he can only eat his chips in equal length pairs and hunts for the perfect match. Strange but true.

Have you heard about any strange celeb secrets ? Comment below and let us know.

Amelia, Yr4

Monks Abbey Newsroom