Boston Youth Council

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As a Boston Youth Councillor, I have many brilliant opportunities to meet, discuss and share my opinions with people who run organisations around Lincolnshire. However, this does not limit my input in conversations to just what I want to say, as I represent many people in the Boston area. This happened to be the case a few weeks ago, where some NHS representatives for the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust: 2021 Strategy and Change Programme came to Boston High School and asked us for our views.

The NHS in Lincolnshire is planning to undergo a large transformation to make the healthcare services in our area more efficient, productive and overall better provision for patients and staff. The NHS has stated itself that they want the Lincolnshire services to be ‘centres of excellence, get things right the first time, and be secure in Lincolnshire where possible.’ The NHS representatives came as part of their engagement and consultation plans, so that they can receive input on issues, and discuss potential solutions to these.

The Boston Youth Council used their own opinions and echoed their peer’s voices so that maximum, helpful input could be provided for the consultation. We brainstormed ideas on 3 different topics; Workforce, Redesigning Clinical Services, and making a Productive Hospital. Together, we managed to fill 3 sheets of A2 paper full of our ideas and opinions. This will be filtered and discussed further, within the NHS. The discussion was not limited to just regular talk regarding the NHS; we talked about our own experiences to medical TV shows and their realism.

This was a very informative and productive experience for the Boston Youth Council. We hope that our input and opinions will prove to be helpful for the Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

Aerisha, Boston High YJA Newsroom