Wladimir Klitschko retires from boxing

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Former heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko has retired from boxing aged 41. As a result of this, Klitschko will not sign the rematch clause which would enable him to fight current world champion Anthony Joshua.

The 41-year-old has announced his retirement from boxing and has also stated that he wants a ‘second career’ outside of the sport. This has deeply saddened most of the boxing world as Klitschko was an animal from the minute he stepped inside the ring, with a record 64 wins and five losses across his career.

According to BBC Sport, Klitschko repeatedly spoke about how he had achieved above and beyond his dreams, stating: “I have achieved everything I dreamed of, and now I want to start my second career after sports with a fresh new life as a newer, older and wiser me.”

Not only has the Ukrainian won 64 times while only losing a minor five, he has also won a gold medal at the Olympics. This prestigious accolade came at Atlanta in 1996 when he hadn’t even turned pro and was still very much a youngster learning what it was like in the world of fighting.

As the 41-year-old Ukrainian fighter talked through his life as a boxer during his announcement, he touched on how he has travelled the world learning new languages and cultures.

“Twenty-seven years ago I started my journey in sport. It was the best choice of a profession I could have made. Because of this choice I have travelled the world, learned new languages, created business, built intellectual properties, helped people in need.” He also went on to say: “At some point in our lives we need to switch our careers and get ourselves ready for the next chapter – obviously I am not an exception to this.”

Klitschko’s fight with 2012 Olympic gold medallist, Anthony Joshua, was the most lucrative fight in UK boxing history – generating over £60 million worth of prize money. Despite Joshua winning the fight with an 11th round knockout, the prize money was shared at £30 million each, not bad at all!

The Joshua-Klitschko fight turned out to be nothing short of a memorable occasion with over 90,000 fans turning out to witness the history that went down on that night in April 2017. 90,000 supporters is the biggest attendance for a boxing match after the war.

Dr. Steelhammer went undefeated for 11 years claiming the WBO, IBF and WBA titles before losing all of that to Tyson Fury, fellow tenacious fighter and legend of boxing.

“I am expecting and hoping my next career, which I have already been planning and working on for some years, will be at least as successful as the previous one, if not more successful.”

This will be the end of an era for some boxing fans who have purely tuned in to the sport to watch a hero in action. As one goes, another rises as now it is Joshua’s time to shine. Klitschko’s records are standing for the moment but I’m sure no-one will be shocked if his records are smashed by Joshua soon.


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent