What is the most competitive league in world football? IMO #19

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Everyone knows that there is not just the Premier League in the world of club football, there are plenty others. With all of these leagues from around the world starting extremely soon, if they haven’t started already, it has come to my attention that there is so much competition. Despite this, in my opinion, the Premier League is still the most competitive league going.

Leagues from all over the globe are producing brilliant players who are getting them closer and closer to winning a title, however there is no other league that does it as well as the Premier League. Instead of there being just two or three contenders like other leagues, every team is in the running.

Some would say that La Liga is by far the best league in the word because of the quality of the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but did a team that nearly got relegated three years ago come back and win the league the following year? To be completely fair to La Liga, this is a league that I always keep an extra eye on, however that is only because of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Personally, I would rate this league second in Europe as there is three teams that contend and there is always competition and upsets in individual games.

A few years ago, Ligue 1 was one of the best leagues in the world, in my opinion, but because Monaco have now got a few players that are changing their outlook and perspective, I personally feel like they are going to dominate and it will be a one horse race. Despite me feeling like Monaco are going to storm the French League, everyone has to have a little feeling in the back of their mind as to what Paris Saint-Germain can do having spent £200 million on Neymar dos Santos Junior.

For me, the French league has always been a one horse race as PSG have dominated it for years, but Monaco could take that over. As long as Monaco keep Kylian Mbappe until the end of this season, I think there is no stopping them.

Serie A has never really been a league I have followed as there is never too much contention as to who will win, but with that said Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan all look strong going into this year so it could be a little bit closer. Despite there being only one real contender in Juventus, like the Spanish league there are plenty of upsets in individual games which really make a difference to the league table when them upsets rack-up. Overall, I think that this league isn’t as special as it used to be, however there is still definitely competition within it.

Last but definitely not least is the Premier League. I honestly don’t know where the world would be if there wasn’t such a competitive and well fought out English league. Just three years ago Leicester City was one or two places off relegation. Next year, the enigmatic Claudio Ranieri cast a spell on all of the Leicester City players which whipped them up into great form. Eventually the wins racked up and Leicester were crowned champions of the Premier League. I don’t honestly know any story like that from any sport or league.

There isn’t just that story that makes the Premier League special, there are plenty more like the Manchester City vs. Queens Park Rangers game that crowned Man City champions in stoppage time sending QPR down. Not only is it the last games of the season that are special, like a lot of other leagues, it is again the individual games which cause such upset.

In my opinion, overall it is still the Premier League that is the best league in world football, but a couple of other leagues from around Europe and The World are right on their tails. The next seasons are hopefully going to be just as chaotic and packed full of special moments that makes and breaks teams for years and years.


Will, YJA Sports Correspondent