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Guinea Pigs are being mistreated

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Guinea pigs are a very popular pet. They are a fun entry level pet for children to play with but are often mistreated in pet shops before you buy them. The reason I say this is because I have seen it for myself. They are often not fed properly, kept in isolation or with nowhere to hide.

A typical setting in a pet shop, not much hay and no where to hide.

Pet shops in the UK are mistreating guinea pigs by not giving them suitable conditions to live in as they want them to be sold. The most common mistake is not giving them any shelter (a hiding place) as they are flight animals, they need somewhere to hide and feel safe. The shops do this because they want the guinea pigs to be seen by customers and not hid away under a log or other structure. Another problem is not giving them the right food. Guinea pigs need fresh veg and hay every day as they suffer from vitamin c and need plenty for their guts to continue working properly, although it seems that pet shops forget this.

The next problem is not having a mate. Guinea pigs are social animals and have to have another of their own species with them to live a happy, healthy life. This is the most important thing that pet shops seem to be getting wrong.

I have seen guinea pigs by themselves in many pet shops, not fed properly and with nowhere to hide. They seem terrified if anyone approaches the cage. Guinea pigs should not be kept like this, in a shop or indeed at home.

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