Plastic is choking our oceans

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Plastic is useful for food packages, cups, fake glasses and much more. Lots of people use this material but few people put plastic in the bin and we now witness the consequences.

The ocean used to be really clean and clear but now large areas are completely different. The poor ocean has plastic in it and this has become a major hazard for marine life, trapping and choking those who exist below the waves. These poor unfortunate creatures then die and only one thing can stop these tragic occurrences.

It’s not a huge ask for people to stop putting rubbish in our waters. One Year 6 girl, who is really concerned about the state of our oceans, said: “We can all encourage others to not litter and explain the reasons why. If everyone stopped littering in the sea then fish will have more of a chance to survive.”

More people need to realise that if this does not stop then fish may well become extinct. If we have no more fish the oceans will be a barren and desolate place. What a shocking prospect.

“Some scientists think that entanglement in marine plastic is the most significant welfare threat of human origin in the ocean,” says executive producer of BBC’s Blue Planet, James Honeyborne. “This could be contributing to high levels of chemical contamination in large predators, as in pilot whales,” he adds.

And who would want no more aquariums? The sea creatures always make you smile as you go walking through the fascinating aqua tunnels. One pupil exclaimed: “Let’s hope that aquariums never contain the last fish in the world!”

To make matters worse, it’s now thought that plastics may play a role in increasing the uptake of pollutants into the body of humans.

If we stop littering, our planet could, once again, become a wonderful habitat for so many of our creatures. If we continue to dump plastic in our seas, our world will indeed become a sad place.


Alyssa, Year 6

Burgh School

One Response to Plastic is choking our oceans

  1. Freya December 15, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    Great article Alyssa! I think that this shows your love of animals and alerts how much we don’t think about the animals that are chocked because of our litter. Some people could say that we are ungrateful animals and that we are very selfish! Excellent reporting Alyssa, keep it up!