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Movie Critic Series

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Hi everyone, I am a new Young Journalist and am very excited about producing some great articles for you to read and comment on. I have decided to start a series of written pieces called ‘Movie Critic’ where two movies will go head to head to battle for the title of the best movie.

My first head to head of the series, and with it being so close to Christmas. Is of course Christmas films: Arthur Christmas and Fred Claus. I love these movies but I want to know which is better out of them both?

Arthur Christmas

2011’s big hit Arthur Christmas is such a funny Christmas film and is a worldwide classic that was the first Christmas film I went to see at the theatre. It even $147 million in the box office.

Arthur Christmas is about the son of Father Christmas who is a hopeless case really. His older brother Steve finds him really annoying and he will one day become Santa Claus, yet he doesn’t like children. When one present gets left behind after Christmas deliveries are over, Arthur (and his little friend Gwen who is a wrapping elf) sets off on a journey to give a pink bike to a little girl in time for Christmas. Although there is a lot packed into it and if you are a small child you would struggle to understand the concept of it. It is very funny though and it makes everyone smile when they watch. Everyone would really enjoy this film and I have read a few reviews of the film myself and it has come with positive results. It has a fantastic cast of UK actors like: Bill Nighy and James MacAvoy witch caused attraction to the film even more.

I have asked a couple of my class members to see what they thought:

Darcy Green from A7 says “It is my favourite Christmas film because Arthur is not your typical good guy and a quite a lot of flaws and he is very relatable”.

Millie Kavita from I7 says, “Arthur Christmas is a seasonal sensation!”.

Trinity Housham from L7 says “I’ve seen that movie. It’s really good”.

As I had said this Christmas film is fantastically fantastic and is great for all the family to watch… on to Fred Claus!

Fred Claus

Vince Vaughn in full Christmas swing!!

Fred Claus is a really funny film that I believe made its worth for what it is. I know that there have been a bit of hate on it but it is really comedic film that made $97.80 million pounds worth on it. But just because Arthur Christmas got more at the box office doesn’t mean that it is the better movie.

This live-action comedy is so funny for everyone who loves to laugh and his has a great storyline for Fred. Never heard of Santa’s brother Fred? Then watch this movie. It is all about the comedy and is hilarious in certain scenes. After struggles with his girlfriend he has to go and work for his younger brother, Santa Claus. All his life, Fred had been jealous of his brother until he was sick of it. He moved away and left behind his family and met a boy called Sammy. It has so much in the film and has a fabulous cast of people like: Vince Vaughan; Miranda Richardson and Paul Giamatii. I have managed to get an opinion on Fred Claus and have asked some people which film they think is better.

Arthur Christmas: 10%   Fred Claus: 90%

Ninety percent of the votes say Fred Claus is more of a family film. What do you think about my first Movie Critic article? Also, which festive film do you think is better?

Danielle, YJA Reporter

Boston High Newsroom

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