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Stratford Upon Avon Trip

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Boston High School’s Year 7 visited Stratford upon Avon to learn about how people might have lived back then.

Our cool and comfy rooms!

As someone who participated on the trip, I really did find this trip exciting and also very educational. The trip took place because the teachers thought it would be a great experience for us and it turned out to be a really good one!

The journey was 2 hours long. It took a bit longer than expected as the traffic was horrific but much fun was had on the bus. We stopped off for a break at the services where students stocked up on sweets and snacks ready for the rest of the journey.

As usual the teachers were one step ahead and made sure that we did not find out who we were sharing a room with until we got there as it would cause arguments and people would be moaning about who they were sharing with. We caught up with Mrs Gilton after the trip and she told us, “The Stratford trip was a huge success. All students showed exemplary behaviour and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the trip, from learning about the plague to exploring Warwick Castle!”

Our home for a few days was great and the rooms were really cool and modern. The food was amazing too, for dinner at night, we had burger and chips and it was delicious. We went to dinner in two different groups so it wasn’t so busy! For breakfast the next morning we had a cooked buffet breakfast and it really set us up for a day of sightseeing and learning.

The slightly scary dungeon sign

My favourite part of the trip was when we visited a room that had been created to show you all about the plague. The Castle Dungeon dates back to 1345, when Warwick was gripped by the plague. Over 6 million pounds has been invested in restoration during the last 10 years alone. It was really fun as there were figures that looked really realistic, there was a button you could press to smell what the plague would smell like. I didn’t want to smell it as I am a bit of a wuss but some people did and apparently it smelt disgusting! Warwick Castle is an awesome place, we got to see battlements, towers, turrets, awesome interiors and the Great Hall which is spectacular.

I would really recommend going to Stratford upon Avon as it is a great experience and we certainly learnt a lot.


Eden, Year 7

Boston High Newsroom

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