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Learning about the Romans has been fantastic, definitely one of the most interesting subjects you’ll learn about at school. Check out some of our top ‘Riveting Roman Facts’. Later on in the piece we interview students from Yr 4 to see what they thought of this ancient empire?  


What the accent citizens of Rome may have seen at the Colosseum.

The Romans are famous for many things, buildings being one of them. Way back in 70 AD (one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine years ago!) they constructed a huge building called the Colosseum. This was like an ancient football stadium but in Roman times people didn’t go there to watch football they went to see their favourite gladiators. These gladiators were normally slaves that were forced to fight to their death for the enjoyment of the Emperor and all the Roman citizens.

The fights were normally against other gladiators and sometimes they even fought against huge lions. Not very nice at all but that was their idea of a good time. Gladiators that were really good at fighting and managed to survive were sometimes granted their freedom. Probably the most well known gladiator was a man named Spartacus. Chatting to Skye, a student from Monks Abbey, about the gladiator battles she told the YJA Newsroom, “They sound awful and very dangerous. I definitely would not survive in the Colosseum but I am glad some men did and got their freedom back.”

Some ancient Romans were very clever and invented lots of rather useful stuff that we still use today, underfloor heating, concrete and the calendar that our modern calendar is based on, the Romans also hugely developed the idea and use of roads. Sadly those in charge of the Empire were also very harsh in the way they treated some people, especially slaves and their enemies when they went into battle with other armies.

The element of surprise. Elephants on the battle field!

Well known for their vast and vicious army which included giant elephants that were ridden into battle. When the Romans invaded Britain, British armies had never seen elephants before so were very scared of the huge beasts. The Roman army were well known for their inventive armour and weapons. Some of their best weapons used in battle were things like tridents which were triple pronged spears. Daggers, very sharp and could easily kill a man with one strike. Roman armour consisted of lots of strong metal, like breast plates, helmets and arm and leg guards to protect them from spears, arrows and sword attacks.

A famous statue of the great Queen sits near the Houses of Parliament in London.

When the Romans invaded England they were met by the Iceni Army. A fierce army that was controlled by King Prasutagus. He was the ruler of the Iceni, a Celtic tribe that were based in Norfolk (Not that far from Lincolnshire) Prasutagus was married to the well known Queen Boudicca. Boudicca was a lady not to be messed with! She was very fierce and powerful who was feared far and wide. When the Romans tried to overpower the Iceni she led a fightback called a revolt that involved the whole of East Anglia. We spoke to Yr 4 student Harry about Boudicca. “She was a very strong and powerful woman. If you have seen the Disney film Brave, the awesome Princess Merida is based on Boudicca, she’s cool!” Boudicca was successful during the 1st battle but unfortunately the Romans came back stronger and overpowered Boudicca. Rather than being taken prisoner and becoming a slave or tortured she drank some poison and killed herself.

Check in with the Monks Abbey Newsroom next week to find out loads more about the Roman Empire. Next week we talk Gods and Roman Empire Gossip.

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