Lincoln Cycle Grand Prix 2013

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Get your wheels ready!

Lincoln has had its 2013 cycle race! In Lincoln they have had a big, or should I say gigantic, cycle race. The Lincoln people were extremely excited. They say that they can’t wait until the next big cycle race here. It must have been exhausting going up giant, powerful hills thirteen times.

Right now, let’s see how the race went.

The start seemed very exciting when a group of people on beaming bright flashing motorcycles came by. Wow! That seems rather quite exciting. It seemed to happen every round. You would wait and wait until suddenly a herd of speeding bikers came whizzing past everyone. Must have felt so nice with the wind in your face.

Some rounds there would be a smaller group of people racing ahead like the speed of lightening. After some point the bikers got the slightest bit slower. Then like a milisecond later another giant group of people came looking exhausted!

After a very long lap a giant, giant, giant, sparkly, gleaming silver car came by. It was the broom! The broom meant the end of the lap. All you had to do was wait (very impatiently) until you will see…the gleaming show of motorcylces. Cool! You might even have had the chance of them waving at you!


By Guest Reporter – Laylah

Year 3, St. Faiths and St. Martins

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