H-app-y reading and writing!

A brand new iPad app has just been launched which is designed to completely change the way young people learn to read and write. The app is called Write To Read and is aimed at 3-10 year olds.

The app is already a huge hit in Denmark, where Danish primary school teacher Janus Madsen created this new idea. He explained, “Our research shows that if a child starts writing and experimenting with words from an early age, their reading skills improve much more quickly.” It has already been used in over 300 schools and nurseries in Denmark.

The app works by children writing their own stories and adding pictures. It is all put into a virtual storybook where the children can try describe the images using their phonics skills to write the sentences, guessing how the words are spelt from the sounds. The parent, guardian or teacher then rewrites the text underneath so that the child can see and read how the sentence is correctly spelt.

Using Write to Read appWhen you type the keyboard says the letters you press so you can hear what they sound like. The child can also record the sentence that they have written and then send the book off to a relative or a friend and they can hear and read their book.

The app’s creator described why it works so well, “The beauty of this ‘write to read’ approach is that it unlocks children’s creativity and gets them excited about producing their own stories to share with others rather than simply being passive consumers of other people’s creations.”

Mrs Bear, Literacy Leader and Year 2 teacher explained, “I really loved the fact that when Krystal typed in the words that she wanted to write that she could hear the letters as she was writing them down and the fact that the font is large enough for her to read. I also like the fact that the vowels are lit up and that we can insert any picture that we require to make a book.” One of Mrs Bear’s pupils, Krystal, explained, “I like that the letters are lit up and that it says the sound when you click it.”

Year 2 teacher Miss Kenton tried the app with her pupils and told YJA, “We are using iPads much more now, we could use the app in literacy, to enhance a child’s writing especially if they’re in the early stages of writing because they can write their sentence and then the teacher can write it underneath and they can see the correct spelling. Also we are using iPads quite a bit in guided reading so setting a group off with the iPads would be a good way to use them.”

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The app encourages bonding time between the adult and the child because they can use this teaching resource to learn together.

Write to Read can be purchased from the Apple Store or iTunes for £4.99.

By Sophie, Year 6

Monks Abbey Primary

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  1. Freya says:

    Great Article Sophie! Even though I’m 11, it still looks exciting and a great way to learn!