War Horse

WH longA film, a book, and now a theatre showcase, they have done it all!!! The West End’s smash hit, based on the best selling book by Michael Morpurgo, has brought London to life!!

From the book: “If there is a war I’d want to go. Come to that, you’d make a good war horse yourself, wouldn’t you, if you ride as well as you pull, and I know you will. We’d make quite a pair. God help the Germans if they ever had to fight the two of us.”

Well young Albert and his beloved horse, Joey, did go to war but their experience was far from the upbeat sentiments expressed above.

The Priory Witham Academy Year 6 pupils have recently visited the New London Theatre to see War Horse and are buzzing from their experience.

Everyone thought that the puppetry was stunning. The horses were huge and they looked so realistic. You could see that people were holding them but after a while, when you got into it, it was like they weren’t there at all!

The seats some of us had to watch this phenomenon were amazing. They were right at the front so we could capture all the action. At one part, when a horse fell it nearly wacked us in the face!!!!

The directors and cast have worked hard to recreate the horrors of World War 1, although there’s plenty of humour, like the antics of  the farmyard goose, to ease the tension.

Year 6 Lia’s opinion: “I think it was very emotional and exhilarating at the same time, I loved it to bits. It will always be in the back of my mind as a memory. And although it nearly made me cry but it didn’t!”

Many other pupils said how much they loved the production and vowed to come back and see it again!


Audience reaction: click here

Keelan’s interview with Leo and Jack: click here





Tori and Jo, Year 6

Priory Witham Academy


  1. Mr Ford says:

    A great report Tori and Jo! Vividly recounted! I’m jealous because I really want to see the play, too.

    • Mrs Z Craig says:

      Well Tori and Jo a very impressive account from you. I am feeling the same as Mr Ford,(envious), as you have been very privileged to see the show. Yes, a very memorable experience for you.

  2. Miss Marsh says:

    Great report girls.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the play too and I agree wholeheartedly with your review. Well done!

  3. Mrs Brien says:

    Well done, you have summed this wonderful experience up in your report.

    So glad you enjoyed yourself and are now able to share this with others.

  4. Mrs C Harlow says:

    Your report gave me the feeling that I really do want to go and see this show even more than before. Well done I’m pleased you all enjoyed it

  5. Mrs Davison says:

    Fantastic report YJA!

  6. admin says:

    WOW! Well Done girls

    Mrs Wilkinson

  7. Mr Dodds says:

    Great reporting girls. You two are turning into brilliant reporters. Watching war horse inspires me to watch more theatre productions. Well done!

  8. Mrs Tallentire says:

    A fantastic report girls! You have inspired me to want to go and see this play 🙂

  9. Miss Baliol-Key says:

    Very jealous that you got to see this – I was hoping I could hide away in someone’s packed lunch and come with you! Fabulous reporting girls, sounds like a fabulous day.

  10. Sam says:

    Your report has lots of energy in it and really galloped along (excuse the pun!). I really enjoyed listening to the audience reaction and the interview with your friends too.

    Next time I head down to London I might just have to book a seat and take in War Horse…But probably not too close to the front incase a falling horse gets me in the face!

    Junior News Managing Editor

  11. Jack says:

    Not bad work.

  12. caitlin ashby says:

    i aslo found it thrilling and the journalists asked brilliant questions!!!

  13. Joanna says:

    Thanks you guys, I am so happy that so many of you commented. Thanks, I love you guys!