A Fun Year for Young Journalists

Ra1Every year, as the big move up to secondary schools draws near, we have to say goodbye and good luck to our Young Journalists from Year 6. For the YJA editors it’s a sad time as we’ve had the pleasure of seeing team members develop into great journalists who can write articles, produce radio programmes, conduct interviews and make documentaries and drama films.

Of course in September we welcome new members and the whole exciting process starts again!

YJA editors are often invited to the final school assembly but as their editor will be abroad, the Year 6 YJA team at Burgh School wanted to make a short film to show to the pupils and parents at their final gathering:

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  1. Carl says:

    I have been really impressed by the work done by YJA over this year. Always an interesting and enjoyable read, listen or watch! Many thanks to all!