New rules for kids apps

One five year old recently found out you can waste huge amounts of money on kids game apps. He bought advertised prizes on his favourite games, and got his parents a massive £1,700 bill on their account!

So now Apple have stopped this from happening with new rules, designed to stop children buying things like upgrades for characters or extra lives. They have also launched parental controls so if you are under 13 you will have to ask permission from your parents first. This applies for any phone or tablet app targeted at children.

Downloading things can be extremely dangerous, especially on the Internet. It can download viruses, unwanted search engines, it can download unwanted games and many other things. So you want to be very careful when installing things onto your desktop, and never click on any adverts on Internet or game apps. The same thing applies to tablets or phones.

So if you’ve got a new iPhone or tablet, try not to download or install anything unless NEEDED, not wanted.

By Leo

Monks Abbey Primary

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