Chime Offensive

ice 2This summer, with all the hot weather, we’ve been very busy licking lots and lots of ice cream. This has been great for the ice cream sellers and it’s about to get better.

From this autumn, ice cream van drivers will be allowed to sound their chimes for up to 12 seconds. At the moment, the law (well, the recommended code of practice) states that they can only chime for a measly four seconds. Hardly time for you to put down your X-box, beg your parents for some money and then rush outside to the van for your 99.

So this  click  will become this click

The ice cream industry was also hoping that vans could chime later than the current 7pm curfew but this was ruled out “on the grounds that it would disturb our bedtimes and annoy those trying to relax in the evening”.

But even with the new rules, will you still have time to get to the van when it stops near you?


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