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Hamster left stranded

If you think abandoned animals are just cats and dogs you would be wrong. Recently a hamster was left near some bins in cold and snowy conditions. Thankfully, a man passing by found the hamster and handed it in to a Blue Cross animal hospital. The hamster was white so when someone past they struggled to see him. The hamster […]

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Fashionable friends

Animal owners have decided to get involved in the craze of dressing up their pets. While sometimes it can have  a practical purpose of keeping our animals warm, it can  go too far! The trend has been big in America for a number of years, but now it is spreading to the UK too. This year it is expected to […]

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Frozen Planet

On the 28 of October 2011 Sir David Attenborough launched his new series, Frozen Planet. The programme sees the wildlife expert travel to both Polar Regions to encounter animals living in the most extreme conditions. Attenborough made his first appearance in the Arctic 17 years ago, but this was his first ever visit to the North Pole. The film crew took […]

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