‘Learning About Culture’ Trial


The Young Journalist Academy, a highly successful education programme providing professional level training for children and young people, has been chosen to be part of the national Learning About Culture research programme, conducted by the Education Endowment Foundation and the RSA.

They are actively recruiting new schools across the East Midlands to take part in this groundbreaking literacy trial, with 75% of the total project costs being met by the EEF and the RSA.

The trial, commencing Sept. ’18 to Jul. ’19 and will provide schools with access to a handpicked team of broadcast specialists and also includes personalised CPD opportunities.

The sessions will focus on the following areas:

• Establishing a newsroom
• Writing articles for online and print
• Filmmaking – scriptwriting, presenting and technical skills
• Radio Production – scriptwriting, presenting and technical skills

In addition, the programme provides wraparound support for staff, to ensure that progress is made even when delivery is not taking place in schools.

A strong element that runs throughout the programme and one of the main outcomes, is the focus on writing. It is fantastic for developing writing for a real life purpose and audiences, whilst also engaging and motivating all abilities in writing for pleasure.

Schools already participating in the programme have seen a positive impact in the following areas:

• Improved attitudes towards education and learning
• Self Efficacy – Effecting change in reading, speaking, listening and writing
• Self Regulation – increase in ability to critically analyse information
• Increased motivation – leading to improved academic attainment

The Young Journalist Academy team would be more than happy to talk or meet with anyone if they would like more details. If you have more specific questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by visiting http://www.paradigmarts.co.uk or emailing rob@paradigmarts.co.uk or sam@paradigmarts.co.uk.

Joining the Young Journalist Academy has never been easier and right now schools have the chance to access 75% off the cost of the full year programme by signing up to be part of the EEF & RSA Learning About Culture Trial by completing the form below now!